The Graphic Design Master's Program within the Fine Arts Institute aims to train creative designers and academic staff who are qualified in terms of academic knowledge, competent and able to use the equipment as required by the age.

The objectives of the Graphic Design Master's Program are to enable students to specialize in the fields of graphic design, promotion and advertising with the help of theoretical and practical courses. This program is open not only to Graphic Design graduates, but also to anyone who has completed undergraduate education from different disciplines and wants to gain a different vision in postgraduate education and meets the conditions determined by the major.

The Department of Graphic Design, with its laboratories and workshops, provides students with the opportunity to implement all their projects practically. Qualified projects proposed by the students are also supported by the Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit (BAP) of our University. Individuals who successfully complete this program can be directed to work at an academic level to continue their Proficiency in Art/PhD programs, or they can work as a design director in an advertising agency, or as a design consultant in private or public institutions.