Archaeoceramics Department Master's Program Fine Arts Institute was held on 25.05.2001 and started to admit students in the 2021-2022 academic year.

Archaeoceramics Master's Program; To improve education on this subject by developing the science and art of ceramics that transmit past cultures with a multidisciplinary approach, with real knowledge about information about academic theoretical and applied teaching, with knowledge research about past and applied research.

A suitable space is created within the academic environment of the Lake District.

Being the only one in Turkey for postgraduate education, this “Post-Thesis education program” in the academic education program; Those who have completed the education of the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Faculty of Art and Design, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (from the Department of Archeology, Social/Cultural Anthropology of the Department of Anthropology), the Faculty of Engineering (Department of Geology) can apply.